Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Weakness For Gifts Just Got Bigger With Jam Paper And Envelope

The calendar in my room is marked red for every occasion and the special days. The reason, I love receiving gifts! 

Everyone around me knows this, especially my fiancĂ©. Though he calls this an ‘Obsessive Compulsion Disorder’, he sure knows that there is no medicine that can cure this. Charming thing is that, he has well accepted the fact that the way to my heart is through gifts!

I recently gave him the title of my ‘Mr. Perfect’. Instead of thanking me, he thanked a company called Jam Paper and Envelope for that! On my repeated requests, he finally showed me their website. One look at the online store gave me answers to a few of my questions about him that had been hovering in my head since some time.

Since the past few months, he had been showering me some uniquely personalized gifts and that too without occasion. Our every dinner date started with a wine handed to me in a beautiful customized wine bag. The perfect start always ended with a beautiful gift wrap with sometimes a polka dot gift wrapping paper, tied with a ribbon or gift bows or some other uniquely different wrapping packages. It was evident that his every gift was the result of a thought process aimed to please me. Even though I am used to receiving gifts of all kinds, his gifts always stood out owing to its uniqueness.

The change was visible even at the time of holidays. Rather than the usual travel memoirs and postcards, I was showered with things like holiday tissue paper, which had the image of the place we visited and specific holiday gift wrap. All this made me think! 

I fell in love with him all over again thinking that he is making so many efforts to make every gift a memorable one. I no longer had to wait for specific occasions and days as surprises became order of the day.
His confession of the source of his inspiration hasn’t lessened my love for him. The fact that he made the effort to explore Jampaper only shows his devotion towards me. And as far as Jam Paper and Envelope is concerned, my message to it is, you have earned another fan of yours, ME!

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