Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Decorative Items to Brighten Up Your Celebration

No matter what type of event you are planning to have,

Decorative items are an integral part of any celebration!!

Whether you plan to have a wedding, a tea party, a beach party or a bridal shower party, decorative items are always a must!!!

While selecting the most important elements of any event, such as elegant apparels, accessories and other stuffs, remember that decorative items are equally important to support your event. These decorative items are very useful for performing certain activities that add color and a touch of whimsy to your celebration.

Basically, decorative items play a vital role in making your event a lovable and pleasant place. Moreover, it eases the task of managing the guests in a simple yet elegant way. There are various kinds of decorative items that will help you to do so, which include printable place cards, table number cards or decorative papers like a cardstock paper. So, whether you want to maintain the decorum of your event or decrease the hassles, make a haul of the decorative items. Selecting the right decorative items can make your dream of a pleasant event come true.

So, discover these creative place cards, table number cards at Jam Paper and Envelope, to get the event ready in a jiffy for your guests. You can find even the most Zen personalities overwhelmed by all these weeny details. Jam Paper has a wide assortment of celebration items in almost all colors imaginable with proper finishes, textures and coating.

Also, there’s no limit for the amount of stuffs you can buy, so you can grab as much as you need, and also avail the discount offered. You'll love the exclusive decorative items which are only available at Jam Paper. There are numerous varieties of colors and concepts that creates an everlasting season of celebration.

So, don't waste your time in searching for innovative decorative ideas her and there, just visit Jam Paper today!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Leather Bound Journal.................Done!!

Have you been assigned a craft project?

Well, then what about making a leather bound journal?

Of course! A stylish handmade journal may surely do the trick!

It is quite easy to make and expenses involved are also less, since it requires fewer materials!!

So, kids are you ready to start your fun project on leather bound journal? If yes, here are the steps involved:

  • Firstly, take a good bunch of parchment paper. Then cut these papers down to 6 x 9 inches. Gently fold all the paper and eventually gather all the folded pieces of paper to make several signatures.
  • How can you forget index page? So, to make the index page stand out from the rest of the pages in the journal use legal size paper. You can have some nice print out on this page and make it look more fascinating.
  • Now, out of many signatures take one and open it and carefully mark the points where the pages are going to be stitched into the leather. Then poke holes into it with the help of a leather needle and a hammer.
  • Take out some of your old leather bound journals and use its cover leather. Cut it in a size that measures 14 x 6 1/2 inches.
  • Place the signatures one by one on that piece of leather. Carefully bind all the signatures on the leather piece.
  • The journal gets completed with all the sewing in the binding. It’s really the easiest process with the straight stitching of each individual signature. Besides, if you vary the size, material and pattern, there are endless possibilities.
  • For more embellishment, you can use the leather lace to keep the journal shut by wrapping the lace one or two times around the journal and then cleverly inserting the end under the top lace.

Woo-Hoo! Your handmade leather bound journal is ready!

Well, if you want to know what kind of journals are popular in the market nowadays, you can visit www.jampaper.com. You can get numerous ideas from the products being sold there!!

Have fun crafting!!!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Colored Paper My Preferred Choice for Putting Up News on the Notice Board

I work as an HR at one of the leading organizations, where I need to maintain and manage every aspect of the business related to employees and work culture. My daily schedule is packed with attending meetings and employees, and eventually noting down every crucial point that is carried out during the sessions. For such cases I prefer using legal size paper, as it gives good impression and implies a sense of maturity. So, whenever I need to create a document for the boss or print some legal docs, I use the legal paper.

Apart from all these tasks, I have to put up announcements and circulars about the latest happenings in the office on the notice board. It also includes fun activities, as well as celebrations and occasions like Christmas or New Year.

Using the regular white paper for this is quite boring. Thus, my preferred choices are color paper, bright paper or glossy paper. Because, they help me to put my ideas in a fascinating way. These papers are only utilized on special occasions when you need to get a point across or just want to be creative. I never use these papers for professional occasions because the color might confuse someone and will not be effective in getting a serious point across.

Also, modern printers support printing on bright paper or glossy paper. Therefore, I make use of a good printer in order to come out with many of the beautiful images that will capture people's imagination. Besides, before carrying out printing on colored paper I always prefer to practice with it and understand exactly how to utilize many creative color papers. In this way, printing on colored paper allows me to draw attention from my colleagues. Also, by doing so I am developing the skill to become better at printing colored paper.

Likewise, everyone can use colored paper to print documents for special occasion in the office all around the year!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Advantages of Purchasing School Supplies Online

School supplies are in full swing these days!

So, do want to get the best deals on school essentials that will help kids to go to the school in great style?

Well, then the best alternative would be to search for school supplies available online!!

There are many good reasons why you should purchase school supplies online. Following are the few:

1. Wide Selection - Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you know how important it is to have a large selection when buying supplies. No matter what you want, online establishments are full of every type of teacher school supplies and classroom supplies. Having a diversified selection alone is enough reason to shop online.

2. Save Money - Compared to a local store, when you shop for school essentials online you will surely save money. For further confirmation, compare the cost of essentials online and off.

3. Easy access - When you decide to buy online, you don’t have to search for the store, drive to it and then plod the whole store till you find everything you need. Instead, just browsing through the online store and with a single click of the mouse you will get whatever you need. Thus, easy access and simplicity are the major reason why you should shop online.

4. No time boundation - In this fast paced world everybody needs comfort. And, when shopping online you can do it anytime and quicker than heading to a local store. As long as you have access to the internet you will be able to hunt down and purchase the right teacher school supplies and classroom supplies.

So, now what do you think? Won’t you like to avail the benefits mentioned above? In fact, as you start to shop for school essentials online you will find that you are in an entirely new world.

The large selections and low prices will drag you to shop online for the sassiest school accessories!!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Paper Has A Never Ending Existence in Our Lives

No matter who you are, how old you are, and what you do,

You will admit that paper is an integral part of our daily lives!!

It could be in education, office, craft and art as well as other processes that involve using paper. Paper is something that has versatile uses and it can be crafted to function in various ways for conventional writing and also design.

I would like to mention three versatile fields viz. education, craft and business where paper plays a crucial role in different manners. However, the types of papers used in these fields may vary, but the requirement never ends.

Education: Students are so much busy with their school, coaching schedules that don’t have enough time to prepare their notes. In such cases, if they take print outs on 11 x 17 paper in wide format will reduce their efforts to create notes. Also, to encourage your learning process you can print wide-layout photos on 11x17 paper. Well, if you are concerned about the size, let me tell you that it has comparatively larger size than standard paper size. These papers are great for scrapbooking, report covers or any project you may have in mind.

Craft: So, all craft lovers, can you imagine to complete any of your design project without papers? Of course, not! One such paper is onion skin paper, which is almost translucent, crisp, still it’s strong and durable. This paper comes in several different weights, colors, textures and grades. Once you use this paper, I am sure onion skin paper will become integral part of your design process.

Business: Do you own a large business that involves clients from distant locations? Are you looking for convenient way to stay in touch with them? Well, then airmail paper can serve to be a great option. This mailing paper is lightweight, thin, and opaque. Also it is of good quality for writing/printing, and appropriate to be sent by airmail.

Looking at these versatile uses of paper in different fields, we can say that paper has a never ending existence in our lives!!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Truly Inspiring Beach Themed Place Card Ideas

Have you decided to have a beach themed party and want to add just a touch of charm with the class to your d├ęcor?

Well, then some elegant placecards that favor colorful designs to match unique beach theme decorations can do a great job!!

The place cards not only show your guests where to seat, but also they double as wedding favors for your guests. Fun ideas for placecards are numerous, when having a beach themed party. Get creative and create truly inspiring beach themed placecards holders with shells and wow your guests!

So, take a look at these great place card ideas to add an interesting touch to your beach themed party:

What about shell placecards or holders? Absolutely, these are perfect for any beach themed party and will add so much character to your party. For this you just need to write your guests’ names on the sand dollar and then arrange them very gracefully in a bed of sand.

Another idea can be to have your guests’ name printed on the place cards. Then through one of its ends tie the card with satin ribbon to the starfish. After the event your guests can hold these starfish place cards and have their own beach photos.

Miniature folding beach chairs are one of the most popular beach party favors ever. These little darlings add a wonderful touch to any beach or sand themed party. You can turn them into clever place card holders by simply placing personalized beach-towel stickers with your guests’ names on the miniature chairs.

These are just a few of the most popular beach placecard ideas as well as serve as creative favors that your guests can even take home with them. These will delight your guests so much that they'll definitely hold on to them even long after your party.

So, if you are having a beach themed party, these place card ideas will really add a finishing touch!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Create Your Own Invitation Card Using Cardstock Paper

Do you own piles of cardstock in your stash?

Does it give you an inspiration to create an awe-inspiring stuffs?

Well, surely it must have!!

Cardstock serves as the star product for any of your cool projects. With a little bit of restyling, you can take your card stock out of the humdrum and breathe a new life into it!

Card stock paper covers the entire color spectrum, and so comes in a wide range of colors. You can get these papers in varying textures such as canvas, linen or a woven cloth. You can get these in embossed pattern as well, which is great to add some extra texture instantaneously.

So, let’s try creating invitation cards using card stock paper. It has good thickness than normal paper and is usually a custom size as well. You will be able to print invitations on this paper successfully, with little adjustments to your printer. You can create a fun colorful invitation card in 3 easy steps:

First and foremost come up with a design that you want to have on the invitation.
Accordingly, measure your paper to know its exact width and length.
Now print your invitation paper with the help of Ink-Jet printer and you can have your invitations ready to go in no time.

At first, it may seem intimidating to some, but in this way anyone can easily print their own invitations. Besides, making your own invitations is not only a cost effective solution, but it also lets your creative side shine.

In this way, you will be able to create some very simple yet awe-inspiring invitations using cardstock paper. I hope you enjoy exploring such creative way of using this paper.

Likewise, you can also invent new ideas using this paper and share it with us!!!