Monday, 10 December 2012

Jampaper Helps Me Build Relations

Being a Public Relations manager, anything and everything that is related to gifts and occasions come under my territory. Because of this, it is mandatory for me to plan every event to the detail in order to make everyone around me happy. Since, the fact is that gifts and parties go hand in hand, this used to be my biggest aggravation. And then JAM Paper and Envelope happened in my life.

A simple browsing activity on the internet gave me my solutions in the form of biggest collection of paper and gift wrap supplies that I have ever come across. What made it even better was that it was not only quantity that was appreciative but quality too. They have the most stunning designs and concept with them and by the time I had completely gone through their products, my mind was already busy making plans! 

Since that day, I have been a major customer of their products. My parties have now become more theme-based and appealing with everything color coordinated. Life has become more systematic because now I no longer have to waste my time and energy running around the market. Right from holiday wrapping paper to holiday tissue paper, I get everything at my doorsteps!

I now plan every week in the office in advance, reserving every weekend for the fun activity. Sometimes it’s a silver theme while sometimes it can be a polka dot one. Efforts of our team are appreciated by an equally theme based token of appreciation. A polka dot theme is appreciated by gifts wrapped in polka dot wrapping paper while a silver theme winner gets an appreciation card in a silver envelope! This wouldn’t have been possible if Jampaper wouldn’t have so many varieties of colors and concepts to choose from.

Be it the wine gift boxes or the Christmas cookies tins, all thanks to JAM Paper and Envelope, I have something to give for every little occasion. This has done wonders for me in building relations amongst people as now I am remembered by my gifts and parties rather than my name. With the fact being that names can be forgotten but gifts can’t, as they say, I am loving it!

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