Monday, 10 December 2012

Jampaper Helped Start My Love Life!

I am a fun loving person. Monotony kills my day and a dull environment makes me run away. I love receiving gifts and more then that I love gifting others. Gifting is my way of making people happy and this is exactly how I impressed my girlfriend!

I knew the fact that like every girl, she loves surprises and receiving gifts. After a lot of thought, I had planned for a week long mission to surprise her with gifts and cards. Though this was an ordinary thought, what made it different was that I planned to use a color theme for each day with color coordinated gifts and cards! Though it seems like an easy task but believe me, if JAM Paper and Envelope wouldn’t have been there, this would have turned into a ‘Mission Impossible’.

Jampaper gave me the variety and innovative gift ideas that I was looking for. They have everything that includes plain paper, gift wrapping paper along with various gift paper accessories. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, they have the most amazing collection of color coordinated items.  Jampaper helped me give importance and priority to even the simplest thing like an envelope. My perception that envelopes can only be found in white or basic colors were shattered when I witnessed gold foil lined envelopes and silver envelopes!  Another pleasant surprise were the collection of gift wrapping supply like the eye catching polka dot wrapping paper amongst other innovative designer ones.

Jampaper gave me exactly what I was looking for. They helped me plan every day with a new theme and a color and may I take the pleasure of declaring, my girlfriend was amazingly superbly happy and impressed with me!!

With my amazing experience with Jampaper, I couldn’t resist planning the eight day too. A romantic evening ended with a wine in Jampaper’s collection of wine gift boxes and a card declaring my love for her in a red envelope

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