Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Decorative Paper Craft Ideas

I used to enjoy paper crafts in my childhood. And, I believe crafts are the perfect playground for self-growth and learning to love yourself. There are so many things I can create from a few pieces of colorful paper, glossy paper, parchment paper or card stock. I can even make thank you cards, place cards and many more things that you can’t even think of, using these decorative papers. Instead of going out and spending money on such expensive an stuff to gift someone, I like making it myself.

● Making homemade thank you cards is easy and is a creative way to give a thoughtful gift that is a personal expression. I had created a thank you card using colorful glossy paper, decorated its front with pictures, stickers and glitter glue. To add a personalized touch to the card, I added a picture of the recipient. Lastly, on the bottom center of the back I wrote "Made with love for you". This way, I created my beautiful homemade thank you cards.

● I also made a place card. For this, I had used small strips of colored paper and adorned it with personalized photos and attached the strip to the decorative string using paper clips. Alternatively, for more embellishment, I tied those strings to apple stems.

● Now, you not gonna believe this, I made cookies out of decorative paper. This is not just any paper, it is parchment paper. Baking and decorating beautiful cakes using parchment paper are easy. It has other incredible uses too, like for gift wrapping, for sifting flour onto and food styling.

This way, have fun with wealth of available materials, create something pretty, and most importantly feel good about yourself in the process. I don’t have to roam here and there to get such paper products. By scouring school supplies online, I get all the snazzy stuff at my doorstep. 

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