Friday, 8 March 2013

Jampaper Makes Everyone Happy

I have a steady girlfriend since 5 years. In these years, we have had our share of fights, and the onus of patching up always was and is currently on me only. Earlier, saying a simple sorry used to be enough, mainly because she wasn’t expecting anything great from me. But with time, her expectations increased and so did our fights. A few months back, after we had a big fight, I sat down alone to ponder what really was going wrong. A close friend of mine gave me my answer in one simple sentence, “Maybe she is not feeling appreciated and loved by you”. There it was!

Once I realized this, the next step was to think about what all can be done to make her feel special. My friend being the expert in the matters of relationships again had my answer in a single sentence, “Go through Jampaper and Envelope and you will get all your solutions”. He really was right and I really was impressed!

After going through the variety that they have with them in papers, gift wrapping paper and their accessories, I chalked out my master plan. I decided to gift her card and a gift every day for the next 7 days. Realizing that Jampaper can help me in making each of the 7 days different from the other, I took out a paper and a pen and denoted each day with a particular color.

With this my ‘Show the Love’ week started. Monday was a peaceful day. Hence, I chose a greeting card and put it in the white envelope amongst the other color envelopes as white symbolizes peace. I then packed my written poems, attaching it in white paper clips and packing them in a clear wrapping paper.

Tuesday was about friendship. Hence, I chose yellow colored envelopes and yellow color roses wrapped in yellow wrapping paper. This followed with red roses and cards in red color envelopes with a heart shaped stone carved message in a red wrapping paper tied with a beautiful wraphia ribbon.

For the remaining days, I repeated surprising her with color coordinated gift articles and have been getting my rewards ever since. My love life has never been better and I am so so grateful to Jampaper for it!

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