Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jampaper Helps Me Acknowledge Better

People say that I am quite a friendly person. Though I love this compliment, I will accept that it wasn’t so from the beginning. With time, I have changed myself and learnt to appreciate the things that people do for me. In helping me transform, Jampaper played a huge role.

When I was young, I used to love people pampering me. Now when I think of it, I guess every child loves that. But unlike others, I used to take that for granted and with that nature, I had lost out on a lot of good friends while growing up. It continues like this until one day my mother sat with me and discussed about my nature and problems. Since she knew me the best, it didn’t take long for her to understand what was troubling me. She explained me the importance of letting people know how much you value them. When I asked her that will only saying a ‘Thank You’ work, she replied that it will sometimes but there are other ways to show acknowledgement too. Being tech savvy, she is familiar with all the things that the Internet has to offer. She showed me the online portal of Jampaper which she was sure will help me get my solutions. And it sure did.

Taking a cue from my mother, I went through the portal of Jampaper and found out that they have so many products at such amazing affordable prices which I can give people to show my appreciation. I decided to write out the things that I would like to do for others and started with ordering a beautiful leather bound journal that I would use as my diary. My next step was to list out the people who have been a part of my life. Once that was done, I ordered the exotic looking thank you cards scripted in gold and silver. I then ordered a large set of color paper to write letters and made envelopes with creative looking onion skin paper. With all this, I was ready to gift the people in my life something that was long due, a true acknowledgement of what they really mean to me and a heartfelt apology for whatever wrong I have done till today.

Believe me, I have been a regular client of Jampaper ever since and have never been short of friends, all thanks to them and my mother!

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