Monday, 30 September 2013

Truly Inspiring Beach Themed Place Card Ideas

Have you decided to have a beach themed party and want to add just a touch of charm with the class to your décor?

Well, then some elegant placecards that favor colorful designs to match unique beach theme decorations can do a great job!!

The place cards not only show your guests where to seat, but also they double as wedding favors for your guests. Fun ideas for placecards are numerous, when having a beach themed party. Get creative and create truly inspiring beach themed placecards holders with shells and wow your guests!

So, take a look at these great place card ideas to add an interesting touch to your beach themed party:

What about shell placecards or holders? Absolutely, these are perfect for any beach themed party and will add so much character to your party. For this you just need to write your guests’ names on the sand dollar and then arrange them very gracefully in a bed of sand.

Another idea can be to have your guests’ name printed on the place cards. Then through one of its ends tie the card with satin ribbon to the starfish. After the event your guests can hold these starfish place cards and have their own beach photos.

Miniature folding beach chairs are one of the most popular beach party favors ever. These little darlings add a wonderful touch to any beach or sand themed party. You can turn them into clever place card holders by simply placing personalized beach-towel stickers with your guests’ names on the miniature chairs.

These are just a few of the most popular beach placecard ideas as well as serve as creative favors that your guests can even take home with them. These will delight your guests so much that they'll definitely hold on to them even long after your party.

So, if you are having a beach themed party, these place card ideas will really add a finishing touch!!

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