Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Give Our Planet A Reprieve - Use Recycled Paper More!

The words RDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE are in the air these days! 

Why there is such an emphasis on product recycling nowadays? Why should we recycle used materials? 

There are many good reasons to recycle, because the more we recycle the less volume of material will be needed to manufacture. In fact, recycling is of great support for both the economy and the environment. The most obvious benefit of recycling is its progressive impact on the environment. More the materials will be reused and recycled, less will be the adverse effect on our environment.

Though recycling has caught fire around the world that leads to filling up the recycle bins with plastic, paper, bottles and containers; we still don't seem to be recycling as much paper as we should. I speculate this is because, it's just so dam easy to crumple up into a ball, toss and forget about.

Why not to use recycled paper? This paper prints, looks and even smells good. Also, recycled papers work well in laser printers, and helps solve our problems related to solid waste. Plus, you can feel good about using them, because it saves our forest resources, saves energy, and helps prolong the life of our overloaded landfills. Hence to support this idea, Jam Paper and Envelope has introduced a wide collection of recycled paper in their pre-existing collection of metallic paper.

On the other hand, we need stationery products like leather bound journal, onion skin paper and many more for our official work. But then again, using these items in recycled form for various documentation purposes can help you go green in your work culture. In this way, you can create an eco-friendly social as well as professional environment.

So, give our lovely planet a reprieve. Recycle more!!!

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  1. Great post. Over the years I’ve ordered dozens of catalogs that were printed with less than expected quality, some being downright scrappy. A couple months ago my company in Hobe Sound FL, printed some catalogs with PCA Delta and they were great. I’ve been printing with them ever since. They show care for the environment by using soy based inks, plus recycled papers are available upon request. If you need items printed on recycled paper go to I strongly recommend them.