Monday, 18 February 2013

Paperclips: Let's Look at it Promotional Point of View

Some businesses use promotional items that are not useful to the clients and thus, fail to catch customers. If you are targeting customers who use office supplies then the best thing to do is to send them useful promotional office supplies such as writing pads, pens, and paper clips.

Now you are surely thinking that how paper clips can be turned into promotional items!!!

Here is the answer- these days paper clips can be customized in any shape, size or design. So, if you own a company or run a particular business, you can use paper clips to promote it by creating those as per your company logo, color-theme or the product you sell.

If you are targeting wider range clients then you must head towards a more generic type of paper clips. Designing the paperclips having the shape of first alphabet of your company name is also a good promotional idea. For instance, if your company name starts from ‘A’ you can have the paperclips made in the shape A. Or if the first letter of the company's name in an ‘O’ you can use Round paperclips or Circular paper clips.

Another great idea when it comes to promotional paper clips is to use paperclip holders as a promotional item. This will mean that the clips will be the regular ones such as Colored Paper Clips like Black or White Paper Clips, Pink, Orange Paper Clips, etc. You can also use Jumbo Paper Clips, Round or Circular paper clips or Colored paper clips, but the item that lasts longer i.e. the holder, will have your company name and logo printed on the top or one of the sides. So anyone who reached for a paperclip will be able to see your company name and think of your business.

When it comes to promotional office supplies, there are also several other options such as sticky notes, pens, erasers and paper pads. While these promotional items might be cheaper they really do not last as long as a promotional paperclip holder will. This is an item that will sit on the employee's desk for months and possibly even for years to come.

Don't waste your money on a promotional item that will just be used and dumped in only a few weeks. By investing in promotional paperclips or paperclip holders you will also be investing into your business and its promotional items. Any good business owner knows that in order to create new business relationships and strengthen old business relationships one has to use a good solid promotional marketing plan, which of course includes great promotional items such as paper clips.

Don't let your promotional items be carried out with the trash get something that will last longer!

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