Friday, 1 February 2013

Before Jampaper, Life Has Never Been More Colorful

Like any youngster, I too like partying! Work hard throughout the week and have a bash on the weekend is what I prefer at this stage of my life.  
Alike at the work-place while throwing parties too, I believe in making the right ipressions in front of everyone around me. Hence, I always endeavor to put my best and do perfect in everything. So, being a party-animal throwing as well as attending astounding parties is my way of socializing.
But for this, the most expensive commodity, ‘MONEY’ is the key requirement. Since, throwing a party asks you to do arrangements and attending a party needs you to bring a suitable gift. So, I need to think about ‘MONEY’ too. For this, an online stationery portal ‘Jam paper and envelope’ helped me outstandingly.  
I used to wait for occasions for partying. And with Jampaper, celebrating with unnatural ideas like a particular color day also became possible. Actually speaking, the first senseless party I had was a ‘Pink Day’ celebration in honor of my friend who had just delivered a baby girl. For that event, one click on the portal of Jampaper did the entire work. All I had to do was invite friends with an invitation cards sealed in pink colored envelopes, book satin ribbons for the decoration and pack the return gifts in pink wrapping paper with the innovative twine and raffia ribbon as a tying thread. When it came to organizing games, I chose the pink papers with pink paper clips to play the game of riddles.
With homemade cooking and affordable Jampaper ordered products, I was able to pull off a perfect and color coordinated party with absolutely no hard labor. This was just the beginning. The concept got so popular with my friends since that day; we have been having small, senseless parties every weekend. The setup is simple. A new weekend has a new host, with a new theme for the party. The only constant thing that is a part of every party is Jampaper. Since it has become a proven fact that they give the most amazing things in the most amazing prices, that too while we sit and order conveniently from our home, they have become a necessity to us. Love you Jam paper!!!    

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