Monday, 15 April 2013

Jam Paper: My Companion For Celebration

I had an ambivalent feeling on my last day of college. Because after that day, we all friends were about to get completely into new lives. That definitely was a sad day for all of us. Simultaneously, the desires to achieve our missions for which we had joined the college were flourishing.

That could be the day after which we would rarely meet. It was the most emotional and touching experience for us. A completely unforgettable day for each one of us. Everyone was expressing their thoughts about how we had spent the most precious time with each other. At that moment, I decided to throw a party and make the day more cherishable.

And my decision dragged me to Jam paper and envelope, where tons of products that not just satisfy your item prerequisite, but also give you loads of innovative thoughts. Among the various sections on the website, Cards & Notecards was the one that gave me a sigh of relaxation. It is where I found most elegant and subjective thank you cards for my pals. Every thank you card had some sensitive thought behind it. And those attractive and pretty cards made everyone feel so glad to see.

I just glanced at other sections so that I could get something more unusual, and finally found one; it was printable place cards. Even though, place cards are used in big events, formal parties or social parties, I tried to add this innovative concept into our party to make it more appealing.

Place card specifies a visitor at a special occasion. It might be a small piece of white card printed with a dark message in plain holders, but at Jam paper and envelope, I noticed printable placecards that were more innovative and attractive at the same time.

All these innumerable and animating embellishments made me arrange electrifying and staggering endowments party for my companions. I encountered enthusiasm and happiness on everyone's cheerless faces was immeasurable.

All these cherishable memories will be with me throughout my life!

A heart full of thanks to JAM Paper and Envelope!!! 

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