Thursday, 15 November 2012

JAM Paper and Envelope Gave Me The Perfect Theme Party!

I always wanted a theme party but didn’t know what all to do to organize it. JAM Paper and Envelope made my dream come true. I had a particular vision regarding what I was looking for including the decoration, menu, the invitations and for that matter, even the gifts that I wanted people to give! One right decision of choosing JAM paper and Envelope made all that possible.
I wanted a Christmas theme and for that the color combination had to be Green and Red. I had a hectic time looking for the perfect invitation card that would spell out my theme. Though, I found some colored ones but they either were low on quality or were not exactly coordinated. But me being me, I didn’t want to take anything less than perfect!
Matte Gift Bags
JAM Paper and Envelope provided me with the red envelope which can be used with green colored cardstock paper. For the games I got green colored colorful Metal Pail Buckets with polka dots and I used them for water balloons, filled with red colored water! The moment I started wondering about the return gift, I had the perfect arrangement.  A green colored gift wrapping paper tied with Glitter ribbons containing a personal message from me, written on a red colored paper, put together by green paper clips. If this wasn’t enough to make me happy, the gifts I received made my theme all the more color coordinated. Let’s see the list….I got a beautiful statue of a pair of antlers wrapped in a green color wrapping paper, a beautiful and the biggest I have ever seen card in a red colored plastic envelope, two Christmas theme wall clocks in Green and Red color Matte gift bags, a 2 pocket folder that enclosed in a glossy bag amongst many others!
The overall picture was spectacular, in true sense! It was a perfect Christmas theme party and I can’t thank JAM Paper and Envelope enough for making it a memorable event.

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