Thursday, 15 November 2012

Color Envelopes: Most Effective Traditional Method of Color Communication

Color is a wondrous entity!
We all know that color speaks volumes!
So what strikes your mind, when you think of the most effective method of color communication?
There are many in this electronic era, however, if we talk about traditional modes, obviously it's the color envelope!
Colored envelope is a great way to communicate your mood and convey your thoughts and emotions to the recipient. Colored envelopes cast a magical spell on the recipient. Even if the envelope is meant for somebody else, people get excited about the content of the envelope as soon as they see a particular color envelope.
Color envelopes in bright shades give a sense of fun and enthusiasm, usually used for weddings, birthday parties, get-together invitations, etc. Subtle or dark colors are usually used for modest kind of events and sober gatherings. Being inspired by the automakers and car finishes, colored envelopes are also offered in an array of metallic colors. Such envelopes signify wealth and prosperity, often used for corporate events, New Year parties and anniversaries.
Colored Wrapping PaperRed EnvelopesGreen Envelopes

As Christmas is around the corner, you would be thinking about sending greetings, gifts and invitations to your loved ones. So when you think of Christmas colors, what colors come to your mind? Don't you see bright red and green? Red envelopes, green envelopes and color wrapping paper are an outstanding medium to convey Christmas mood.
So, make your gift and mails, stand out from the rest by using color envelopes and color wrapping papers. Get an eye-catchy bright color wrapping paper and watch the kids fighting to open your gift. Or, use red envelopes or green envelopes to send your Christmas party invitation, they will never be lost in with the junk mail.
Color envelopes are simple, inexpensive and the most effective way to make your mailing or gift card stand different among the bunch.

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  1. wow it look so beautiful in different colors..i would like to design Gift Card envelopes same like that.