Thursday, 13 June 2013

Versatility of Cardstock Paper For Card Making

You have probably heard the excitement about cardstock paper? What this excitement is all for? What are these cardstock papers exactly are? Well it basically refers to a range of fairly thick and heavy weight papers used in greeting cards, invitations, postcards, scrapbooks, making business cards and catalog covers. The main features that distinguish a sheet of card stock from other types of papers are weight, texture, color and finish.

Moreover, when looking for a more durable end-product, card stock paper with large variety of colors and textures is the obvious choice. Also, card stock paper is the perfect choice when finished product requires more durability than a standard printer paper. It is an ideal option for direct mail marketing purpose, as this paper is sturdy enough to withstand the journey from post office to home mailbox.

Sometimes, I caught in trouble finding a birthday card that really can express what I want to say to the recipient. Therefore, I usually buy blank card stock paper so that I can create greeting cards by my own. I love making my own creative and decorative greeting cards. On card stock sheet I can add personal photos, or also draw sketches and scan it into the computer. I can do most of the fun things with these papers like choosing my own fonts and place the text the way I want.

How to do the layout? It is a real challenge, as when I print and fold the card, the front, inside, and back should be in the right place. I usually try a demo on the regular paper, before I put the good cardstock in and go for the final copy.

The most exciting thing about blank cardstock paper is that when it is folded precisely in the center, it is almost similar to the store-bought greeting card. I even design a small logo on the back of the card to make it look more professional.

So, don't forget to buy a card stock paper while planning to make professional-looking self-made cards!!!

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